(GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. As being a professional manufacturer of producing video arcade game machine, we have been dedicating on R&D, design, manufacture, distribution and operation all kind of gaming device, such as Slot Game Machine, Video Arcade Machine, Prize Vending Machine, LCD Gambling Machine, WHACK A MOLE, Touch-Screen Machine, Bar Game, Mario Game, Fruit Games, Coin-Operated machine, Poker Games, Billboard of Jackpot System, Pre-paid Card Management System, Converter, PCI card, Remote Controller and Accessories of game machine.

GPS keeps receiving outstanding reputation more than 30 years in gaming industry by the sleeve-developed Cross-Platform 3D Gaming Engine with capability of creative software designing and strength on R&D, from which we have launched “Animal Wonders” Series, “Crown Golden Bell” Series, “Lucky Bingo”, “Ocean World” Series, “Phoenix 5PK”, “Clown 5PK/6PK/7PK” and Linking game are the most popular and widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.

“The most fascinating fruit games are at GPS, Never get bored with poker game also at GPS”

Our vision is that aims to hold the leading position on electronic reel-spinning slot gaming industry and provide all kind of gaming solutions for players and business operators by offering the plenty of imagination, creative design, professional manufacture and long-term experience.

With over 30 year experience and strong service team backup, (GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd. is working on the principal of the “Quality” and “Integrity”. We also take one step further to committee to becoming in partnership with industry, governments and regulators all over the world and respect for the individual and the communities within which the company fulfills the promises to all customers.



1.Specialized in designing, manufacture and operation all kind of electronic gaming machine.
2.To design and modify hard-ware and software for all kind of electronic gaming.
3.Gaming Types:
Development and production
4.Distribution – related components and accessories on parts of Amusement Game.
5.OEM/ODM/EMS are also welcomed.