• By integrating the cutting-edge AI technology ChatGPT into our company’s remote control software, managers can easily manage and operate the system.
  • Through our collaboration with foreign partners in setting up remote systems and conducting testing, we have demonstrated that even when the machines and equipment are located in Taiwan and the users are abroad, the user experience remains as if they were operating in that country. This showcases the strength of our company’s system in terms of low latency and stability.
  • At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic began to break out. Coincidentally, our company’s remote systems had reached a mature stage. To prevent the spread of infection and avoid close contact between individuals, many of our industry clients heavily utilized our company’s systems.
  • In June of that year, our company began developing live streaming technology and integrated it into Android, iOS, and computer applications for display. We controlled the transmission speed to within 200ms of latency and combined the live streaming with IoT(Internet of Things) remote control for remote monitoring operations by the end of the year. This technology was well-received in the gaming industry.
  • The company has started investing in the research and development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and reorganized itself into HUNG SHIH Technology Co., LTD. by the end of the year, relocating to Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City.
  • (GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd. relocated to a 660 square meter new office building on Oct., due to the increasing of business development on R&D and Marketing.
  • 4-in-1 3D LAN Game, called “BINGO SLOT 4 IN 1”, which was developed successfully from one game of single stand-alone slot machine up to four game types in 5 months and again shown the reliable capability of the in-house creation of 3D Game Engine by introducing “BINGO SLOT 4 IN 1” and “Animal Wonder VII”
  • Accomplished to combine the in-house 3D Game Engine development and Cross-Platform Game Engine, which led the games called “Animal Wonders – EGG” & “LAN Game” (Local Area Network) in to markets with high resolution and 3D games for both Single /Multi-players.
  • The newest “Animal Wonders VI” & “Crown Golden Bell VI” launched and soon became the best seller coin-operated machine in the markets.
  • Adjustable converter for CGA to VGA & SXGA with quality image, high sensitivity and excellent effect was entered markets as well as the new fruit game PC Board of VGA & SXGA named “Animal Wonders”, “Crown Golden Bell” and “Ocean World”.
  • Presented new fruit game “Good Fortune” and “Ocean World”.
  • Introduced new generation of slot game of “Animal Wonders V” and “Crown Golden Bell V” with LCD linking display to gain market reception and increase margin largely.
  • Excellent market reputation of (GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd. and recognition of slot machine maker after presenting “Animal Wonders IV” & “Crown Golden Bell IV”, which also sold very well in Great China area and Southeast Asia .
  • Launched brand-new series of「Angel Hand 5PK」 & 「Angel Hand 7PK」.
  • Moved to new office facility as to enlarge the business operation and to celebrate the Twenty-Second anniversary of (GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd.
  • Introduced “Animal Wonders III” & “Crown Golden Bell III” and “Link-up Bingo to feverish reception across the country.
  • New Poker Game series of “Joker 5PK” & “Lucky Bingo” took huge market share immediately right after available.
  • “Sumo Wrestling 5PK” & “Monotaro 5PK” have been embraced by markets until now.
  • “Animal Wonders”, “Crown Golden Bell” & “Fruit Games” all got patent registered and reached maximum production capacity by exporting to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia massively.
  • Launched “Black Jack”, “Piggy” and other large cabinets for multiple players.
  • Tenth anniversary with the completion of new plant; All cabinet products passed the inspection of the Bureau of Standards and government regulation.
  • Manufactured touch-style color TV and related accessories.
  • Produced arcade game cabinet and token-proof coin selector.
  • Professional IC board maker for arcade games, including “Galaza”, “Tank”, “Magic Car”, & “Pacman”.
  • (GPS) HUNG SHIH Technology CO., LTD. / Game Power System Co., Ltd. was established as an arcade game and power supplier manufacturer.